Friendship Bracelet Cookie Kit

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Create a super fun set of handmade friendship bracelet cookies for your swifties and besties right at home! This kit includes the cutest colorful "bead" sprinkles, and shiny white flat dot candy sprinkles to create your "letter beads".

Applying your beads with a tweezers is recommended!

Kit includes plenty of edible sprinkle "beads" to make 24 cookies, with the option to include a circle cookie cutter and package of edible markers to create your "letter beads".

  • 2 Ounces colorful "bead" sprinkles
  • Approximately 180 white sprinkles for creating "letter beads"
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON 3" circle cookie cutter 
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON set of 10 edible ink markers in a rainbow of ink colors