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Edible Gold Leaf - 23 Karat

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  • Edible gold leaf, pure 23 karat gold, for use as an embellishment for chocolates, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and drinks.
  • Keep dry away from humidity
  • FDA approved
  • Can be heated in an oven up to 325 degrees Farenheit
  • Arrives packaged as a 3-1/8"(8cm) x 3-1/8"(8cm) sheet
  • To apply first lightly moisten an area on your dessert with a clean wet paint brush. Pick up a small piece of gold leaf with a tweezers and lightly apply to moistened area.  Gently smooth gold leaf using a dry paintbrush.
  • Avoid touching gold leaf with your fingers as it will likely stick.  Please keep in mind that gold leaf is very thin and fragile and should be handled with care. 
  • 1 Sheet