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Spring Layer Cake Shop Giveaway - Closed

Posted on April 29 2013

Giveaway One lucky Daily Mixer reader will win 24 Lily of the Valley Picks, 1 bottle of Mint Green Gel Paste Food Coloring, 60(approximately) Green Polka Dot Baking Cups, 1 4oz bottle of Pastel Pink Sanding Sugar, 25 Light Pink Stripe Paper Straws, and 1 Spring Bird Cutter.

How to Enter To enter leave a comment with a suggestion of a baking project, or Layer Cake Shop product, that you would love to see on this blog. This giveaway is open to readers all over the world. Only 1 entry per reader, please. We will choose a winner at random on Friday, May 3.

Rules Your giveaway win will be shipped using the shipping method of our choice.

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  • Marlene Hamm: May 02, 2013

    I love all the chocolate molds. I would love to see creative ways to use them with baked goods.

  • Jessica R: May 02, 2013

    Love your shop! I’d love to see a blog post on organizing all the baking supplies – sprinkles, piping tips, cupcake liners, etc. thx!

  • Greta: May 03, 2013

    Congrats Jessie, you are the winner! We will contact you shortly for your shipping address.

  • andrea: April 30, 2013

    I would love to see more packaging supplies—different boxes, bags, ribbon, etc. Thanks!

  • Amy Chambers: May 02, 2013

    My son’s first birthday is approaching, and j would love to see some adorable children’s birthday ideas using Layer Cake Shop products!

  • Amber: May 02, 2013

    I would love to see some mother’s day and springtime cupcake ideas! (:

  • Melissa Gadth: April 30, 2013

    I would love some ideas for a Candyland Themed baby shower.

  • Eli: April 30, 2013

    Maybe some ideas for camo cupcakes

  • Missy Jane: April 30, 2013

    I just love love love the paper straws. Also Can"t wait to order your Alphabet cookie cutters for the cakes I make.

  • Jessie: April 30, 2013

    …the paper straws would make cute tier separators, and I’d love to see some ideas/products of what ya’ll have done to serve this purpose. (those clear acrylic things are ghastly, no matter what you put in them!)

  • Ashley: April 30, 2013

    I absolutely adore your shop! With so many liners, sprinkles, etc. to choose from, I think it would be awesome if you did a blog post on a creative way to store all our baking supplies!

  • amanda norin: April 30, 2013

    Anything cuocake related! I live making

  • Vivian Peets: April 29, 2013

    This is so hard because you have everything a girl could need for baking! I’d love to see you get in some cake pans and plates. Or themed kits similar to the prize you’re giving away. Kits (with coordinating cups, sugar, cookie cutters, etc.) would make great gifts or favours at a shower :)

  • Toni Goehring: April 29, 2013

    I would like to see more “hacking” with bakery supplies. There are so many sprinkles and cookie cutters and so little time in the day. What can you do to brighten up store bought shutter items to make them more fun and personal?

  • Jessie: April 30, 2013

    So…I love the paper straws, they’re super-cute! I have been looking for a cake stacking “system” that can be personalized. For instance: a rustic wedding cake with the plate/base a tree cookie. I’d love to have something “barky” between the tiers, but how?

  • Marilla: April 29, 2013

    I love everything you have already! I’m obsessed with your shop, and have been for years! Can’t imagine you needing anything else.

  • Krista Chan: April 29, 2013

    I would like to see what kinds of things you can do with the flavoring oils, other than flavoring chocolates.

  • Ruthmari Andersen: April 29, 2013

    How about a cookie cutter in the shape of Africa? Why limit the places we love to the US?

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