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Chocolate Marshmallow Tulip Lollipops

Posted on April 25 2013

Ring in spring with super cute bright yellow chocolate marshmallow tulip lollipops! These were so easy to make and look pretty adorable!

1. Poke a small hole in the center of your mini tulip baking cups 2. Push regular size store bought marshmallows onto paper lollipop sticks. 3. Melt your yellow candy melts in a container so that the chocolate will be deep enough to cover the whole marshmallow in one dip. 4. Dip your marshmallows making sure that the whole marshmallow gets coated. 5. Tap the stick on the rim of your container to get rid of excess candy melt. 6. Poke your stick through a baking cup and push the baking cup up under the marshmallow. 7. Push into a block of white craft foam or cake pop holder to let dry. 8. Once dry, cut some little green paper leaves. We adhered them using glue dots.

4-1/2" Paper Lollipop Sticks
Yellow Candy Melts
• Regular Size Marshmallows
Mini Tulip Baking Cups
• Green Paper
• Glue Dots

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