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Butterscotch Owl Pops

Posted on September 28 2012

Owls, butterscotch and autumn just seem to go together don't you think? Every autumn I get the urge to make things featuring woodland animals!

This is my first time working with butterscotch candy melts, new to our shop this year, and oh my.. they are so incredibly sweet and yummy! Perfect for these little owls! I found the butterscotch candy melts a bit stiffer when melted than others, so I would consider them much more ideal for molding rather than dipping.

I think my very favorite use for bakers twine is tying sweet bows on chocolate lollipops!

So adorable!

Follow our Basic Chocolate Molding Tutorial if you’re new to chocolate molding.

Tips: Roll the lollipop stick once in the mold to coat the whole top of the stick with chocolate, this makes the stick more secure. Get yourself more than one mold if you plan to make a lot, waiting for the chocolate to harden can become time consuming.

♥ Supply List

• Butterscotch Candy Melts
• Small Owl Lollipop Chocolate Mold
• White Paper Lollipop Sticks
• Disposable Decorating Bags
•  Cappuccino Brown Bakers Twine

♥ greta

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  • Ruthmari: October 19, 2012

    Flavor factor #10, Cuteness factor #50!!!

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