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Mini Spring Daisy Cupcakes

Posted on April 04 2012

mini daisy cupcakes
mini daisy cupcakes
mini daisy cupcakes
mini daisy cupcakes
mini daisy cupcakes
mini daisy cupcakes
mini daisy cupcakes
Spring has spring around here!  The tulips are popping, Olive and I are rockin our windbreakers, and I'm reviewing my sandals wish list. I love living in the midwest for a bunch of reasons, but my favorite thing about the midwest is the drastic season changes. I tend to get restless and I find myself thriving on the fresh inspiration I get from those season changes. For example right now I'm totally inspired by pastels, lemons, pretty dresses, florals, light jackets, bows, glitter and shimmer.. but not too long ago it was 80's stocking hats and plaid. You get the idea.

And.. spring just happens to be my favorite season! I love pretty springy colors, the promise of nice warm weather, and its the month of Olive's birthday.. and mine! So if spring isn't your favorite season, I think you should reconsider. I mean really, who doesn't love stomping in puddles with rain boots?

To get you in the springy mood how about making yourself some easy peasy spring daisy cupcakes? They are so tiny and cute you could surely eat quite a few without feeling guilty.

♥ Supplies
• Mini Classic White Baking Cups
• Round Cupcake Decorating Tip
• 14" Decorating Bag
• Mint Green Gel Past Food Coloring
• Gum Paste Daisy

My little spring time sweetie..

♥ greta


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