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Terrarium Cake

Posted on March 05 2012

I can't contain my excitement about this cake, how totally fun it is! I myself don't own a terrarium because I cannot be trusted to keep any plant alive, but I think terrariums are so cool. I've noticed how popular they are recently, so when we got these chocolate crunchies in I knew a terrarium cake must be made!

I filled my terrarium jar with chocolate cake batter about 1 inch deep, set the whole jar on a cookie sheet, and baked. I was a little nervous about baking in something not labeled for baking, but it worked beautifully! Please bake at your own risk though.

After cooling I poured in some chocolate crunchies, enough to resemble a nice layer of top soil. I then tinted decorator frosting with a 50/50 mix of leaf green and forest green gel paste coloring and filled my frosting bag fitted with a round cupcake frosting tip. I generously pipped in blobs and swirls of frosting and sprinkled with green non-pareils for a mossy feel.

Then I tucked in some candy rocks here and there and topped with 2 totally cute chocolate mushroom lollipops. Learn to make the mushrooms here.

I just love how this cake turned out and how really very simple it was to put together. I love projects like that!

♥ Supply List
• Glass Terrarium Jar
• Chocolate Cake Recipe or Mix
• Chocolate Crunchies
• Decorator Frosting
• Leaf Green Gel Paste Food Coloring
• Forest Green Gel Paste Food Coloring
• Green Non-Pareils
• Candy Rocks

Chocolate Mushroom Supply List
• 3D Mushroom Chocolate Mold
• Candy Melts
• Disposable Decorating Bags
• 4-1/2″ Paper Lollipop Sticks
• Flower Power Icing Flowers
• Chocolate Mushroom Tutorial


  • Farah: March 08, 2013

    WHAT A CUTE IDEA! one question though, how would one cut and serve this treat??


  • Greta: April 24, 2013

    Hi Farah! We used a large serving spoon and just scooped it out. We served a large spoonful of cake along with scoops of ice cream in bowls. Thanks for reading!

  • Deniece: March 07, 2012

    very cute, I too kill many a plants, so this is a fun way to do a little spring gardening! =D

  • Sarah: March 07, 2012

    this is so cute. The terrarium thing is huge and ppl really love them. This would make really cool party fodder!

  • MaryBeth: August 29, 2012

    If you are concerned about baking in a glass jar, try a recipe for microwave cake, available on the internet. For individual terrariums, look for a microwave cake in a mug recipe.

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