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Good News!

Posted on October 18 2011

Our shop has some belated news to share! Over the summer Layer Cake Shop has changed from a partnership to a family run business. I miss my bff/partner so very much, but making the decision to move our family from Illinois to Wisconsin this summer just didn't make our partnership practical any longer.  Josh and I, along with our fantastic employees, now operate Layer Cake Shop full time together.  Working together as a family on our business is the very best, and what we have always wanted!  A huge thank you to all our fantastic customers who have helped make this dream of ours possible!

This summer I have also been working on growing a baby! That's the baby belly up there at the top. We are all crazy excited to meet this little one, but big sister Olive can hardly contain her excitement! We are planning on a late November arrival, but Olive was quite early, so it could happen any day now. Eek.. yay!

When I first launched the Daily Mixer I intended for it to be filled with baking inspiration, created in house, and a way to share shop news. However, our big move and this pregnancy has made it challenging to create as many baking inspiration projects as I would have liked. Knowing that there will soon be a newborn to snuggle a whole lot, I know for certain there will be less time to bake for a while!

Part of my Layer Cake Shop vision has always been to create original content for the sole purpose of inspiring people. I love, love, love to share ideas and inspire others to create.  So if it can't be all about baking for right now, I thought I'd transform this blog a bit to include all the other things I love and am working on.. babies, kids, vintage, thrifting, fashion, home, sewing, crafting, and certainly baking. A lifestyle inspiration blog maybe?

Just to be super duper clear, Layer Cake Shop is humming along just peachy and will continue to do so after baby is here. You can continue to expect the best products and service!

Cheers to changes!
♥ greta


  • Kristie: October 19, 2011

    One of your employees, whose name rhymes with Rellie is a pretty good writer.

  • Greta: October 19, 2011

    Hmm.. very interesting! I didnt think she could get even more awesome.

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