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Cherry Cutout Cookies

Posted on December 01 2010

Not only pretty darn cute, but really yummy too! We used cherry and lime flavoring oil in the red and green icing and that did the trick.. fruity, buttery and sugary all in one cookie!

Mix up a batch of our favorite cutout cookie dough, cut, bake and let cool. Our Cherries Cutter is a 2 part cutter, and we found that placement of the smaller cutter really makes the cookie so take your time with this part.

After baking mix up some of our Favorite Royal Icing and divide into 2 bowls.  Make half your icing red using our Super Red Gel Paste Food Color and 1 drop of Cherry Flavoring Oil.  Make the other half green using our Mint Green Gel Paste Food Color and 1 drop of our Lime Flavoring Oil. We like to fold over our Decorating Bag and place in a drinking glass to make filling the bag easy considering we only have two hands, well 4 between the two of us, but you probably only have 2 hands. Royal icing hardens pretty fast so try to quickly get it into your decorating bag, twisting the end of your bag shut, and securing with a rubber band.

Outline the cherries with red icing and then flood the inside.

We like to flood by squiggling the icing back and forth and then pushing it around with our icing tip to fill in any holes. The icing then settles into a really nice smooth surface.  This technique works really well if your icing is the right consistency.  Not too stiff, not too runny.

Next pipe on the green stem and leaf.

Then step back and smile.. they are adorable!

Let dry uncovered overnight before stacking or packaging.

For some fun packaging use some of our Paper Bakery Bags, Red Round Labels, and a black pen to turn your bags into custom sweet cherry treat bags.  We just stuck on the red labels and drew a simple black stem.

Or you could dress up your bags using other fun packaging supplies like Cherry Bakery Labels or some pretty Bakers Twine.

Supply List
• Cherries Cutter
• Super Red Gel Paste Food Coloring
• Mint Green Gel Paste Food Coloring
• Cherry Flavoring Oil
• Lime Flavoring Oil
• 2 Decorating Bags
• 2 small frosting tips (#2 or #3)
• Cookie Dough
• Royal Icing
Paper Bakery Bags
• Red Round Labels

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  • ksholly: February 19, 2012

    I’m new and not clear on which tips to use when. This is such an adorable idea!! I’m eager to give it a try.

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