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Posted on January 30 2020

Yes, you read that right.. EDIBLE STICKERS! It's so much fun when we get to play with a brand new product and we LOVED how easy these edible stickers were to use, and how they look! OMG cute and so hard to pick a favorite design!

Here is an unboxing for you.. they arrive in really adorable packaging. Inside is an info card and the stickers are sealed in a foil pouch. The info card opens to the sweet story of stickies edible stickers and great info like tips for use and storage. Look at those stickers.. we truly love all the designs!

To make your own sweet cupcakes begin with baked chocolate cupcakes and your favorite buttercream. Add a few drops of bakers rose food coloring until you reach a shade of pink that you think matches the stickers well. 

Frost your cupcakes using a small offset spatula. Now for the fun part.. simply peel your desired edible sticker design from your sticker sheet and gently lay onto your frosted cupcake. We tapped the sticker just a bit to secure.

Roll the edges of your cupcake in sprinkles placed in a low bowl. We used a mix of light pink, peach, and coral non-pareils.

Enjoy sharing these with your sweeties.. we sure did!

Happy baking!



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