Written by Greta Andersen


Posted on November 16 2020

Turkey sugar cookies!! We know the holidays won't be quite the same this year but we hope this fun and easy treat will help brighten the mood nonetheless!

Like we said above these are super easy to make and ALWAYS tasty! If you don't already have a turkey cookie cutter don't worry we have one on our website! Then all you need is your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or our recipe.....hint hint 😉) and some frosting and sprinkles!!

Start off by cutting out your cookies and baking them. Then grab whatever frosting you're using and a piping bag! We used "Sunset Orange" food coloring to color our frosting but don't be afraid to venture out into non traditional colors too!

Next load up your frosting in the piping bag and start by outlining the cookie. After your cookie is outlined, just fill it in! Last step is to add the sprinkles!!

If you made some fun turkey cookies we'd love to see them! Tag us @layercakeshop ❤️



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