Written by Greta Andersen


Posted on March 12 2020

Celebrate St Patrick's Day with festive and sparkly frosted and sprinkled shamrock cookies!

To make sprinkled shamrock cookies first bake a batch of shamrocks. You may want to try our PERFECT CUTOUT SUGAR COOKIES, they are the best! Whip up a batch of your favorite buttercream, or you can also use canned frosting.

Color your frosting a nice bright green. We used a mix of neon green and leaf green food coloring, adding just a drop or two at a time until we achieved a color we loved.

Fill your piping bag with your green frosting and pipe away! We outlined the shamrock leaves and stem, then filled in with frosting.

Before your frosting sets, sprinkle heavily with lucky shamrock sprinkle blend. Enjoy!

 Happy Baking!



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