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A party on a brownie! We collectively agreed here at the shop that these were the most crazy colorful brownies we've ever seen!

Check out those crazy fun colors, sprinkles, and shapes!

To make your own rainbow party brownies bake a batch of your favorite brownies and let cool. Whip up a batch of your favorite buttercream or cream cheese frosting and divide into 6 bowls.

Color each with just a drop of bright neon food coloring. We used our neon Chefmaster colors and they are just the most amazing bright hues!

Place your frosting in piping bags fitted with a large round tip and frost your brownies in a rainbow of colors making a swirly stripe of each color as you go.

Pop on a variety of sugar toppers and sprinkles with bright and colorful sprinkles. This is a perfect project to use up a decorating stash leftover from other projects!

Happy baking!



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