Written by Greta Andersen


Posted on October 12 2020

Here at LCS we LOVE “spooky season”! The fall colors, the colder air, it makes baking feel right! And with Halloween creeping around the corner we felt it was only right to make some cute pumpkin sugar cookies!

To start it’s simple! All you need is your favorite sugar cookie recipe, we love our best ever cutout cookie recipe! Then some icing (we used royal icing here) and some food coloring! Lastly you’ll need a piping bag and tip! You’re all set now!

First things first is to bake the cookies to your liking. Personally I like them a bit on the softer side. While the cookies are baking you can whip up your frosting. Feel free to use any colors you want for the food coloring! Once the frosting is all mixed and the cookies are done, simply fill the piping bags and start frosting!

Our approach with these pumpkin cookies was to pipe it in three sections. We let the middle section set up before moving onto the other sections to create differentiation between each section. This helps it look like a more defined pumpkin! We started in the middle and piped outward.

Once you have them all frosted, well….ENJOY! Maybe snap a pic and tag us on Instagram ☺️

Happy baking!



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