Written by Greta Andersen


Posted on October 27 2020

It's sure starting to get colder out there! Well at least here in Wisconsin it is 😂 Almost time to bring out the hats and gloves! But first how about some pretty knit winter hat cookies? 

We had a BLAST making these in the shop last week and they turned out SO good! We hope you enjoy them too!

To start off you'll need the follow supplies: our best ever cutout sugar cookie recipe, our winter hat cookie cutter, fondant (you can use any color you'd like), our basket weave knit pattern silicone texture mat, a fondant roller, white frosting, a star decorating tip, decorating bag, and a 3"round cookie cutter! it all?!

First off, bake your cookies!!! Then start by getting your fondant ready. We chose to color our own but had yellow and baby pink as the starting fondant color. To make mustard yellow we used yellow fondant and brown food coloring. For the peach fondant we used baby pink fondant and georgia peach food coloring. 

Once you have your fondant colored, start by rolling one of the colors out into a somewhat thin sheet. It really depends on how thick you want the fondant to be. Once you have it in a nice sheet, simply lay the silicone pattern on-top and press down hard! Be sure to really press it in so that the pattern is nice and visible! Then peel it off and reveal your textured fondant! 

We then took a 3" round cookie cutter to get the round shape we wanted for the hat. Then all you have to do is cut the bottom where you see fit! We chose to leave about an inch of plain cookie at the base for the frosting trim detail. 

We piped frosting in a braided and zig zag pattern to create the fluffy hat trim. We then piped a round hat ball.

Repeat this process for the remaining cookies and fondant and you should have something that resembles these! Tag us @layercakeshop on instagram so we can see yours!

Happy baking!



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