Written by Greta Andersen


Posted on October 25 2020

Looking for a pretty autumn decoration to go with your sweets? Fondant pumpkins are perfect and will do just the trick!

Not only do they look great but they're also pretty simple to make! To start you'll really just need some fondant! We sell most colors in the rainbow so if you don't want to dye your own colors feel free to just grab already made up colors! We used white satin ice fondant and for the orange pumpkins we used ivory and orange coloring. For the peachy colored pumpkins we used pastel pink, orange and pink. For the brown stem, well we used brown! Haha

Once you have your colors made, start by taking a smallish piece and rolling it into a ball. Then using a modeling tool poke a small hole into the top, have it deep enough that the stem can fit nicely later on. From the hole take the edge of a stencil scraper and draw all the way down to the bottom. Repeat this about 8 times around the pumpkin.

Next grab your brown fondant and take a tiny piece off. Simply roll it into a small snake shape (wide enough that it'll fit snug into the pumpkin) and then just cut that into small 1/3" pieces! Lastly place the stem into the pumpkin and you're done! 

Repeat this process for the rest of the pumpkins/colors and you should have something that looks like this! If you tried these we'd love to see how yours turned out! 



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