Written by Greta Andersen


Posted on November 06 2020

We tried marbled feather cookies out this week and absolutely loved them! Not only are they easy to make but they're also just so pretty!

To start out you'll need our perfect cutout sugar cookie recipe, feather cookie cutter, food coloring and royal icing!

First you'll need to cut the cookies into feather shapes and bake them! Then grab a bowl big enough to dip the cookies into and fill it with your uncolored icing!

We used the colors: golden yellow, buckeye brown and georgia peach, but really you can use any colors! Put a few drops of each color into the icing and then use a toothpick to swirl the color around until you have a nice marbled pattern.

Then from there it's just dipping each cookie in to fully cover the surface! Keep in mind you will have to add more drops of food coloring every 2-3 cookies so that you can maintain that rich color and swirl pattern! Do this until all cookies are frosted and you're done! Now look at you, gorgeous fall cookies in no time!

As always, if you tried this out for yourself we'd love to see how they turned out! Tag us @layercakeshop on instagram! Enjoy!



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