Written by Greta Andersen


Posted on July 24 2020

Make the cutest confetti cookies with our new Confetti Time Sprinkle Assortment! This set of 6 fabulous sprinkle assortments packaged in resealable tubes includes a huge variety of fun shaped candy sprinkles, jimmies, tiny non-pareils and more!

 To make your own confetti cookies, bake a batch of our perfect cutout sugar cookies in 3" circles. Then whip up a batch of classic royal icing.

Separate your icing into a few different bowls and color your desired colors using gel food coloring in your favorite bright colors. We used sky blue, a mix of leaf green and teal green, and lemon yellow coloring. Add just a drop at a time, this coloring is so concentrated and strong!

You want your icing to be a not too runny flooding consistency.

Pipe your icing onto your cookies and flood the center.  We recommend just icing a cookie or two at a time and decorating those before icing more cookies. Royal icing tends to set up pretty quickly. 

We were going for a minimalistic look so we carefully placed a variety of sprinkles using a tweezers. We love the look!

 Happy Baking!



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