Written by Layer Cake Shop


Posted on December 04 2017

Need a  minute holiday treat? Chocolate pink peppermint sandwich cookies are not only adorable but are super easy to make! 


Mix your food coloring into your buttercream, a drop at a time, until you achieve the color you wish. Add 1 drop of peppermint flavoring oil. When using our gel paste food coloring, and flavoring oils, a little goes a long way! 

Trim your disposable piping bag and insert your tip. Fill your piping bag with frosting and twist closed. Pipe a generous circle of frosting onto one cookie. Lightly place the other cookie on top. Gently roll in sprinkles, or lightly press sprinkles into your frosting. Make sure not to grab onto the cookie sandwich too tight or frosting will start to come out the sandwich!

Place your pink sprinkly cookie sandwiches on a pretty plate, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy how cute they are! 

Happy Baking!



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