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Posted on January 28 2016

To make these pretty mint and turquoise scalloped cookies mix up a batch of our favorite cutout cookie dough, cut square shapes, bake and let cool. This recipe is the best! The cookies really keep their shape during baking and have a fantastic buttery flavor.

After baking mix up some royal icing and divide in half into 2 bowls. Color one bowl of icing mint green and the other half turquoise. You want your icing to be the right consistency so it flows together once you pipe it, but not too runny. You can find our icing consistency tips here and our royal icing recipe here.

We like to open our decorating bags and roll a cuff at the top then place in a drinking glass to make filling the bag easier. Royal icing hardens pretty fast so try to quickly get it into your decorating bag, twisting the end of your bag shut, and securing with a rubber band.

With your royal icing in decorating bags, fitted with small couplers and round #3 decorating tips, pipe your icing onto your cookies. We piped the outline of the first color, filled in, then right away piped the second color onto our two-tone cookies.

Let your cookies dry overnight. 

Once dry roll out your white fondant and cut into ovals using the smallest oval cutter in our geometric cutter set. This cutter is about 1/2" wide. Then cut your fondant ovals in half to create the scallops. Place the scallops on your cookies adhering with a drop of clear decorating gel. We love this stuff, it's like edible glue!

To ensure our scallops went on straight we lightly dusted the edge of a bench scraper with powdered sugar and gently tapped onto the cookie. This made a lightly dusted straight line for us to follow as we adhered our fondant scallops.

Now it's time to enjoy your cookies! Happy baking!

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