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Posted on August 03 2015

Does anyone else get sad when August is up on the calendar?  It always makes us feel like summer is wrapping up.   So instead of getting sad about it, lets celebrate summer with the official dessert of the season:  ice cream!!!!!  And whats better with ice cream?  Super cute (and simple to make) spoons!

1)  Grab your wooden spoon!

2) Pick out a few bottles of acrylic craft paint in your favorite colors

3) Start block painting:  Washi tape is great to use for creating a straight line and bonus it comes up easy so most times the paint won't get pulled up.

4) Once the first layer is dried, tape off again with washi tape and lay down the next color

5) Remove the tape and let it dry (craft paint typically dries super quick)

6)  Admire your work and dig in to some super yummy ice cream in style!


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