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Posted on July 26 2015

To make these perfect summertime party pineapple cookies mix up a batch of our favorite cutout cookie dough, cut, bake and let cool. This recipe is the best! The cookies really keep their shape during baking and have a fantastic buttery flavor.

After baking mix up some royal icing and divide into 2 bowls, 1/3 in one bowl, and 2/3 in another bowl. Color the larger bowl of icing yellow and add a couple drops of pineapple flavoring oil. Color the smaller bowl of icing green and add a drop or two of pineapple flavoring oil. You want your icing to be the right consistency so it flows together once you pipe it, but not too runny. You can find our icing consistency tips here.

We like to open our decorating bags and roll a cuff at the top then place in a drinking glass to make filling the bag easier. Royal icing hardens pretty fast so try to quickly get it into your decorating bag, twisting the end of your bag shut, and securing with a rubber band.

Here is a step by step guide to how we like to decorate sugar cookies. We used at round #3 tip for the yellow icing, and a #2 tip for the green icing. Let your cookies dry a few minutes before sprinkling so the sprinkles don't sink into the icing. Have fun decorating!

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