Written by greta andersen


Posted on May 27 2014

We are having so much fun coming up with summer inspired cupcake recipes! No summer is complete in my book without frozen creamsicles, so orange creamsicle cupcakes were a no-brainer. Lori whipped these up in our kitchen last week and oh my goodness.. yum! These cupcakes really do taste like creamsicles, creamy with a strong hint of orange.

We swapped out some of the water in our recipe for orange juice and added a container of orange creamsicle yogurt. This gave the cake a light creamsicle flavor and made for a nice moist cake. 

We swirled(yes, thats a verb here at Layer Cake Shop) them with cream cheese frosting flavored with a couple drops of orange oil and colored with just a drop of orange coloring. Creamy and orangey, just like a creamsicle cupcake should be! Topping them with a popsicle stick gives a fun little nod to their frozen treat inspiration.

Make your favorite white cupcake recipe, or use a white cakemix, subbing 1/3 cup of the liquid for orange juice and adding 1 container of orange creamsicle yogurt. Bake in white baking cups and set aside to cool. While your cupcakes cool make your frosting.

This recipe makes a really creamy frosting that pipes really nicely, but will need to set up in the refrigerator and be stored in a cool place. To make your frosting cream the cream cheese and butter in the bowl of a stand mixer. Add powdered sugar and cream until blended well and fluffy. Add milk, vanilla, flavoring oil, and food coloring and mix well.

Place your decorating tip into your decorating bag and make sure its snuggly fit. You may need to trim the end of your decorating bag to accommodate such a large tip. I did this and now its my designated cupcake frosting bag. Place your decorating bag into a large mouth glass and roll the edge of the bag down a bit. Fill your decorating bag with frosting and twist the end of your bag to secure. Now your ready to frost!

Pipe high swirls of frosting starting on the outside edge of your cupcake and working your way around, making smaller swirls as you go. We did 2 swirls of frosting around the cupcake then squeezed just a bit in the middle and quickly pulled up, making a small dollop of frosting to finish them off. 

Once you're finished frosting top with a popsicle stick. We broke our in half so they wouldn't be too tall, but be careful. You don't want your friends eating splinters of wood! After your cupcakes are frosted we recommend letting the frosting set up in a cool place. Cream cheese frosting melts easily. If your air temperature is warm you may want to consider storing them in the refrigerator until serving.

To serve place your orange creamsicle cupcakes in orange tulip baking cups and admire your happy friends devour them! Enjoy!






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