Written by greta andersen


Posted on May 22 2014

Our snow cone cupcakes were inspired by hot summer days and all the summer carnivals we can't wait for! I know I say everything is my favorite, but really, these are one of my favorite favorites! They look just like real snow cones and the combination of crunchy chunky sugar, sweet frosting with just a hint of raspberry, and yellow cake is so crazy good!

It was a total happy accident that we happened to just get our new mini taster spoons in the shop. Don't they just look darling topping snow cone cupcakes?! They certainly up the "realness" factor.

I think these cupcakes would look pretty cute using just about any chunky sugar color combination, but we opted for classic red, blue and white.

Bake 24 of your favorite yellow cupcakes in white baking cups. While your cupcakes cool make your frosting. This is double recipe of our favorite sturdy decorator frosting. To make your frosting cream shortening in the bowl of a stand mixer. Add powdered sugar and cream until blended well and fluffy. Add milk, vanilla, salt, cream of tartar, flavoring oil, and food coloring and mix well. We added just a few drops of blue coloring to make a pale blue frosting. Keep your frosting covered to prevent drying.

Once your cupcakes are completely cool you're ready to frost! Pour each of colored chunky sugars into separate bowls. Using your ice cream scoop, scoop up some frosting and drag the top of your scoop along the edge of your frosting bowl. This will give your scoop of frosting a nice flat bottom. Press the frosting onto the top of your cupcake and release your scoop. The whole process is just like scooping ice cream. Sprinkle each cupcake as you frost them because the frosting sets up quickly and when this happens your sprinkles won't want to stick. Carefully sprinkle each third of your frosted cupcake with each color of chunky sugar.  

Once you're finished frosting gently drop each cupcake into a rainbow dot nut cup. I was so excited to realize that pre-baked cupcakes fit perfectly into these nut cups. If you're baking on a warm day I would recommend placing these cupcakes in the refrigerator for a while to set up after decorating. If your air temperature is very warm it would be best to keep them in a cool spot until serving. 

Make snow cone cupcakes for your next summery gathering! You'll be the star of the party!




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