Written by greta andersen


Posted on May 08 2014

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We just got the prettiest tall birthday candles in 4 different colors in the shop. I ordered them thinking they would look so fun on top of mini layer cakes so when they came in we got right to work whipping up some simple mini layer cakes. Simple and super cute, my favorite combination!

One of my favorite color combinations this season is pastels(forever) with metallic gold. I think it lends itself perfectly to cake! You can find more gold items in our shop here.

To make your own mini layer cakes bake your favorite yellow cake in a 9x13" pan and a batch of your favorite buttercream frosting. Once your cake has cooled place in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Freezing slightly will help keep your cut rounds of cake neat and tidy. While your cake is in the freezer divide your frosting into 3 different bowls and color using gel paste coloring. We used deep pink, mint green, and teal.

Remover your cake from the freezer and cut out 6 mini round cake layers using our 3-5/8" circle cutter from our circle cutter set. This is the largest cutter in the set. To assemble just frost a cake layer generously, add another cake layer, generously frost the top and sprinkle with edible gold glitter stars or sprinkles of your choice.

To celebrate your special someone top your mini layer cakes with tall gold candles and watch their eyes twinkle!




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