Written by greta andersen


Posted on April 14 2014

While brainstorming Easter baking projects I just couldn't get my mind off these classic yellow fluffy coconut chick cupcakes! They just seem like the kind of Easter treat that Grandma used to make. They were fun and simple to make, and I love that the coconut is so forgiving. No need to get your frosting swirled just right! These sweet fluffy chicks were a huge hit with my girls and I'm sure they will be at your next Easter celebration!

Bake a batch of your favorite yellow cupcakes in bright yellow baking cups. While your cupcakes are baking scoop 1 cup of shredded coconut into a zip-top plastic baggie. To dye your coconut a pretty chick yellow try 2 drops of egg yellow coloring and 4-6 drops lemon yellow coloring. Zip your baggie shut and mush the coconut around until its a pretty uniform yellow color. Set your coconut aside and dye your frosting yellow using the same combination of food coloring, 2 drops of egg yellow and 4-6 drops of lemon yellow. 

Now its time to bring your little chickies to life! Frost a cupcake using a frosting spatula or table knife and immediately sprinkle on your coconut. I first tried rolling them in coconut, but they looked too flat. Sprinkling the coconut gives them a more "fluffy" chick appearance. Press an icing carrot into the cupcake about 1/3 of the way up from the edge of the baking cup and add 2 little black sugar pearls for perfect little beady chick eyes. I found using a tweezers for placing the eyes very helpful!




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