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Chocolate cupcakes topped with blobs of red frosting, eye balls, and zombie hands set the scene for some super gory, yet hilarious, tasty treats. Here at the shop we couldn't stop giggling because although a bit gross, they're also cute and funny!

Make chocolate cupcakes and top them with a neon green swirl of your favorite decorator frosting using a decorating bag and a round cupcake decorating tip. Next pipe on red frosting in random blob shapes using a decorating bag and a #3 round decorating tip. Add a few grass, zombie hand, spider or hatchet toppers. We used two toppers per cupcake. Sprinkle them with a few icing eyes and bone sprinkles before the red frosting begins to dry. We found it helpful to use a tweezers.

Halloween party goers are sure to love your zombie cupcakes!

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