Custom Color Sprinkles April 16 2012, 6 Comments

I would probably file this technique under "Color Obsessed Bakers". If you're not a color obsessed baker feel free to roll your eyes at the thought of custom coloring your sprinkles. I'm okay with that. I am however, quite color obsessed and my baked goods are no exception. I really wanted shimmery peach sprinkles to sprinkle atop Olive's birthday doughnuts recently, and because I have never been able to find pastel sprinkles to sell in the shop, I set out to make my own. I turned out to be extremely easy!

I started with white jimmies in a zip-top plastic baggie with plenty of room to move the jimmies around. I was hoping for pastel sprinkles so I used the teeniest amount of gel paste food coloring applied to the inside of the bag. I massaged the sprinkles around in the baggie and after a while the coloring evenly distributed itself really well and I was ecstatic with the pretty pastel colors!

I also experimented with creating pearly sprinkles and glittery sprinkles. For sprinkles with a really pretty pearly luster, pour your sprinkles in a small bowl and stir in a tiny bit of luster dust. Keep stirring until evenly distributed. For glittery sprinkles, add a tiny bit of disco dust into the plastic baggie along with your food coloring.

White Jimmies colored with Turquoise Gel Paste Food Coloring.

White Jimmies coated with Cantaloupe Orange Luster Dust.

White Jimmies colored with Mint Green Gel Paste Coloring.

White Jimmies colored with Peach Gel Paste Coloring and Miami Orange Disco Dust.

The peach jimmies above are a mix of 3 different batches I colored. When you use this technique the coloring distributes very well and all the jimmies turn out the same color, but in this case I wanted a varied look.

I'm in love with coloring my own sprinkles and if you are an avid baker with a large selection of gel paste food coloring, this technique is for you! Get yourself a bulk bag of white jimmies and whip up the prettiest sprinkles you ever did see!

♥ greta