Indie Wed Recap February 02 2011, 1 Comment

We had a booth at Indie Wed this last Saturday and we had so much fun!

Our fantastic employee Devin helped us out.  Seriously people.. the guy is willing to wear a pink tie in public for us!

Doesn't our booth look like a parade float!?  We got a lucky spot.. the first booth right in front.

Devin workin' the crowd.

We couldn't bring one of everything, but we really packed a whole lot in.

We met so many wonderful new friends who love to bake.

Its always really fun to meet customers that have ordered from our website in the past.

We had a great time, handed out a ton of business cards, and hope to attend again next year!

We had to shamelessly include this photo of Olive (Greta's baby) who came to visit us at the show.  She found herself a lollipop.