I ♥ Macarons January 20 2011, 3 Comments

Have you ever made macarons?  I had never actually eaten a single one, but bought a macaron book a while ago intending to try them out.  Then, I think I got a bit intimidated.  I was starting to get the impression that there is some science behind making macarons and if you don't follow the directions exactly, they don't work.  And if you do follow the directions exactly they still might not work.

My mother-in-law is creating an Amy Atlas inspired dessert table for an upcoming baby shower, and we thought macarons would be perfect.  Our first batch worked!  There is a little "foot" and everything!

We used this book..

I don't feel like I've really dived into this book, so I hesitate to recommend it, but I love how its organized.  Macarons are just so pretty!  I want to make them in every color.

If you plan on trying macarons yourself visit our shop for your food coloring, flavoring and packaging needs!

♥ greta