Basic Chocolate Molding Tutorial November 19 2010, 6 Comments

We are excited to be bringing candy melts, chocolate molds and accessories to our shop next week!  Here is a tutorial to get you pumped up!

Making molded chocolates is so much fun and so so easy!  Molding chocolate is quickly becoming our favorite thing here in the Daily Mixer kitchen. The finished product is just unbelievably cute and is a great technique for experienced bakers, and also for those of you that would rather leave the baking to someone else.  So lets get started!

Start by dumping your candy melts into a microwaveable bowl, we prefer plastic. Ceramic seems to get a little too hot.

Roll a cuff on your Disposable Decorating Bag and place upright in a drinking glass.  This makes filling the bag much easier.

Make sure your mold is clean, completely dry, and laying on a flat surface.  You will want to wash a brand new mold once before using.. but you already knew that.

Melt your candy melts in the microwave on 15-30 second intervals checking them in-between.  You want to melt them just until they get shiny, a little distorted looking, and easy to stir.  DO NOT OVERHEAT or your candy melts will become thick, icky, and unusable.

Stir them up until nice and smooth and any little chunks are completely melted.  If you plan on adding any Flavoring Oils you would do that here.  Our candy melts have a delicious, non-waxy, vanilla flavor but a hint of additional flavor makes them AMAZING!

Pour into your Disposable Decorating Bag..

and secure with a rubber band.

When you are done with your project you can let your candy melt harden right in the Disposable Decorating Bag.  When you are ready to use again just place the whole bag in the microwave to melt.

You can also use our Melting Bottles instead of Disposable Decorating Bags.  The bottles are great if you need to mold a large amount of chocolates, or do a lot of chocolate molding.  You can melt your candy melts right in the bottles and also let the excess harden and store in the bottle.

Snip the tip of your bag just a tiny bit.  You can always snip your bag larger so try to fill a mold and then decide if you need a bigger hole.  Squeeze your candy melt into the mold cavity being careful not to overfill.  It will look a little bumpy and blobby.

Now take your mold and gently tap it on the counter.  Your candy melt smoothes out beautifully! Cool right!  You also want to tap your mold to release any air bubbles in the candy melt, otherwise your molded chocolate may have a little hole on the front where a bubble was trapped.

Repeat this process for each cavity in the mold.  We usually quickly fill 3 cavities or so, then do the tapping.  Once your mold is full place in the freezer for a few minutes, or until the underside of your mold appears frosted.  When the time is up turn your mold over onto a plate, or the counter, lined with a paper towel and gently tap or flex the mold.  Your chocolates should fall right out.  If not, put them back in the freezer for a few minutes.

There you have it, aren't they just adorable!

Problem Solving..

• My candy melt is thick, yucky and won't get smooth You may have overheated your candy melts, best to throw them out and try a new batch.

• My chocolates are breaking when i tap them out of the mold Tap them out onto a dish towel or paper towel instead of a hard surface to avoid breaking.  Your broken chocolates are still usable though, they can be melted down again.

• My chocolates won't come out of the mold Your chocolates are not cold enough. Put them back in the freezer for a few minutes until the underside of the mold looks completely frosted.  This is particularly important with tiny chocolates.

• Do not ever put water in your chocolate or candy melts.  This includes water based food coloring. To color white, or colored, candy melts use our oil based Candy Coloring.

• When you take your mold out of the freezer sometimes a little moisture will form on the mold because of the temperature change.  Make sure your mold is completely dry, and at room temperature, before filling again.

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