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PRETTY PASTEL DECORATING KIT February 12 2014, 2 Comments

We are pretty excited to introduce our NEW Pretty Pastel Decorating Kit!

We selected some of our prettiest pastel edible decorations and packaged them all up in the neatest, reusable, food safe box!


 Check out the video above!


Pretty Pastel Decorating Kit



LETS MAKE PARTY MILK! February 04 2014, 0 Comments

Looking for a fun birthday party drink for kids? How about colorful party milk!

This project was inspired by my own childhood birthday parties! It was tradition that we always have colorful milk to celebrate our birthdays. It's a fun little memory!

My girls and I had so much fun with this project and we think you will too!


Check out the video above!

Candy Melts
Food Coloring