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FROZEN YOGURT BANANA POPS April 24 2014, 0 Comments

My Kindergartner came home from school wanting to make a frozen banana treat, and because we always have bananas and yogurt on hand we decided on frozen yogurt banana pops.

Simply slice your bananas into thirds and cut your paper straws in half. Insert a paper straw into each banana and freeze for 20 minutes. This will prevent your straw from slipping out of the bananas during dipping. After 20 minutes pull from the freezer and dip into yogurt. Place on a plate lined with wax paper and freeze overnight. Frozen yogurt banana pops make the best breakfast! Enjoy!


CARROT MANGO SMOOTHIE April 17 2014, 0 Comments

Smoothies are my go-to breakfast, snack, and evening treat. I LOVE smoothies and drink a lot of them, smoothie addict for sure! I love that you can mix and match so many different ingredients to compliment what you're in the mood for, and I love that they always taste so fresh and healthy. The combination of mango and carrot is crazy delicious and is great for a little afternoon energy boost!

My very favorite thing about smoothies though is how colorful they are! I always sip my smoothies from a clear glass and top them with a paper straw from the shop. They're a colorful happy food and I can't get enough!

To make this delicious smoothie just blend all the ingredients until smooth in a blender. This recipe makes 2 small smoothies or 1 large smoothie. Enjoy!