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HOW MANY SPRINKLES DO I NEED? February 18 2014, 0 Comments

One of our most commonly asked questions is "How many sprinkles do I need?" Whether you need to bake 24 or 2400 cupcakes its great to be able to order just what you need, without worry that you'll run out of sprinkles. Thats why we decided to whip up some cupcakes and finally answer the great cupcake sprinkling mystery!

We sprinkled one batch fairly lightly and one batch more heavily because there isn't just one way to sprinkle a cupcake! As you can see the light sprinkling used 1/2 the bottle, and the heavy sprinkling used the whole bottle, on 24 cupcakes. All of our sprinkles come bottles and hold 3-4 ounces of sprinkles. We also sell sprinkles in bulk.  1 bulk bag = 4 bottles 

Now that we solved the great cupake sprinkling mystery we hope it helps you make easier ordering decisions. Happy sprinkling! 

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